Finding Better Child Care
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Finding Better Child Care

When you are a new parent, it might be hard for you to let anyone other than your spouse handle that brand new baby. You might wince in terror as your mother struggles to comfort your new daughter, or starkly refuse when your grimy little brother asks to hold the baby. However, after awhile, most parents loosen up. Unfortunately, if you get too laid-back about childcare, you might make decisions that could impact your kid's education. My blog discusses several aspects of child care, so that you can decide what will work best for your family. After all, a few difficult decisions now could impact your kid for many years to come.


Finding Better Child Care

  • A Brief Guide To Weaning While Your Child Attends Daycare

    18 August 2015

    Figuring out how to send a breastfed toddler to daycare and making sure they continue to receive the proper balance of breast milk and solids can be difficult for both you and your daycare provider. You will have to figure out a pumping schedule that works for you, maintain proper storage, and find a daycare provider that knows how to handle human milk. However, choosing to wean your child while they are attending daycare comes with other complications.